Friday, March 19, 2010

Dispatcher Kick Backs

Dirty Secret in some transportation industries

Unless upper management keeps a sharp eye out for this... drivers in some industries can successfully bribe dispatchers into giving them "gravy".

It's a dirty little secret, a dispatcher can "feed" good runs to certain drivers (and get paid behind the companies back)

Cab drivers and taxi dispatchers.
Some, not all, but some cab drivers are from the bottom of the gene pool. They can be, not all of them of course, but they *can* be an unsavory bunch. A cab driver knows all the prostitutes in a given town/ municipality. I'm not going to claim to know why this is or pass judgement, it just "is what it is".

Local working girls seldom have to pay (in cash anyway) for a ride.
"Johns" or the ladies of the night's customers, often ask a cab driver where they can find X, Y or Z.

Being this close to the seedy side of life can lead to... well, there seems to be some correlation between unsavory behavior and paying the dispatcher for better runs.

it happens.
If management isn't paying attention, it can happen a LOT.

something to think about if you manage dispatchers or if your job depends on providing better service in this economy.

Good service means you all get to keep your jobs
Bad service means many of you will soon be getting in the unemployment line

... it is what it is