Sunday, November 27, 2011

What Makes A Good Dispatcher?

There are many qualities that make a dispatcher "good".

From the drivers perspective a "Good Dispatcher" means one that gives him or her the best runs.
From the companies perspective a "Good Dispatcher" means one that uses the companies resources most efficiently.

What makes a Dispatcher "Bad"?


Some drivers seem to get all the "gravy" runs, nothing generates resentment more than favoritism.

Resentment can make or break the Esprit De Corps of a delivery organization.

I've delivered  a wide range of products, both CDL truck deliveries (including Tractor Trailer runs) and delivered pizza, run an airport shuttle and ferried senior citizens to and from an Old Folks Home. Most OTR (over the road) tractor trailer drivers get paid by the mile... frequently they do not earn a dime for unloading.

Favoritism here involves the dispatcher giving out the better paying runs to those drivers who broke the hours of service laws, ran too many hours and/ or fudged their books to get around the "Hours of Service" limitations placed on truck drivers.

The rookie drivers got "shafted" by getting a disproportionate number of runs where they had to sit on a loading dock for hours not earning a dime.

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