Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dispatcher Can Ruin Company Moral

A Dispatcher can look at his job two ways:

He can make the drivers happy

He can make the owner happy.

Blue Mountain Express

What a Great Dispatcher does is to walk that tight rope and make everybody happy.

Sometimes an A**hole owner won't let you. Many business owners are control freaks, that's why they went through all the crap necessary to BE a business owner.

Some business owners don't have effective management skills.

Some business owners try to 'micro manage' a business.

A good dispatcher can make or break a companies productivity. If the owner will get the hell out of the way that is. Let's take a recent job I had:

It was driving a tractor trailer, shipping freight.

The business model is to pay the driver by the mile, makes business sense because that's the way the trucking company got paid.

A truck driver can legally drive roughly 600 miles a day:

10 hours of driving time
speed limit around 60 mph (at best)
so @ $.38 per mile, an Over the Road driver can make $250 a day.

That's fine... except:

The trucking industry almost NEVER pays the driver to load or unload the truck.
We've got to sit there, often FOR FREE. What if it takes 4 or 5 hours for your turn to come up and have the warehouse get around to unloading YOUR truck?

So... what did the dispatcher do?

Gave out the 'gravy', the high paying loads to his best drivers.

And what do you think the rookies, the newly hired drivers got?

Sitting at the loading dock for what amounts to less than minimum wage???

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