Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dispatcher Careers- Help Wanted Ads Welcome

This blog describes what it's like to both BE a dispatcher and to be dispatched by one.

I am a CDL licensed truck driver, with Hazmat and Tanker and Passenger endorsements.
I've worked in the trucking transportation industry for over 26 years, and the non CDL delivery industry for 8 years before that.

Over the course of my career, I've also been in the position of Being a dispatcher, for example, when I flirted with being management in the pizza business, I had to dispatch up to 30 pizza delivery drivers at a time.

In a really busy pizza parlor, one that sells up to $5000 worth of pizza on a single Friday night, if you're a bad dispatcher, you'll soon have customer complaints for cold pizza being delivered AND have pissed off drivers complaining that they didn't make any money!

If you were worried ONLY about the short term bottom line of that nights profit & loss, you'd be unconcerned over the drivers belly aching... ignore the driver dissatisfaction to your peril!!!!

The following Friday night, most of them either quit outright OR called in sick OR lied about their car needing repairs and they wouldn't be able to come to work that evening...

End result?

Cold pizza, angry customers, angry drivers... and my boss angry at me as well

On another note:

This blog and 12 others that I publish is currently ranking so high in the search engines I can scarcely believe it. Every time I check another blog on employment, get a job, find a career, change a career is skyrocketing upwards in it's position in not only Google, but Yahoo and MSN Live Search as well...

So.. if you found this blog in the search engines while you were researching online how to find more employees in your particular industry, I am actively seeking advertising customers for this blog and my CDL truck driver blog as well.

That blog is http://fredericktruckdrivers.blogspot.com

The generic employment in Frederick Maryland blogs I run are here: http://lifeinfrederickmaryland.com

If you are interested in running a help wanted ad in any of these blogs the fee schedule for an exclusive help wanted ad is only $12.00

Contact David Bruce at davidbrucejr@frederickwebpromotions.com

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